• All of our aquarium lighting controllers are supplied with our patented ULTRA SEAL® IP67 lamp leads to ensure a waterproof seal at each end of the lamp. Supplied with universal mounting brackets for installation on aquarium hood or walls.
    1. MAGNETIC CONTROLLER - T8 only (5 Year Guarantee)
    Long mains with integral power switch lead for easy installation. Independent lamp circuits (twin lamp units) – if one lamp fails the other will continue to run.
    Magnetic Electronic
    • Waterproof to IP67
    • Complies with the new European Aquarium Safety Lighting Standard
  • Traditional T5 end caps for direct replacement of Fluorescent Lamps. Add the ripple effect. Even with T5 fluorescent lamps, will make a difference. Lampholder rotates to direct light correctly. Waterproof when used in conjunction with the IP67 ULTRA SEAL® lampholders.
    • Comes complete with a pair of nylon nut and bolt fasteners
    • Supplied in packs of 2
  • Recommended for use with T5 high output lamps due to higher heat and UV exposure.
    • Supplied in packs of two, complete with nut and bolt fasteners
    • Non-toxic and corrosion resistant
  • For pond clarifiers. Destroys suspended algae. Crystal clear pond water - throughout the year.

    WARNING: Dangerous ultra-violet radiation. Radiation of this lamp is harmful to eyes and skin. Installations with this lamp should be screened off completely.