Fluorescent Lamp Years
Marine White Lamp (T8/T5) 2
Marine Blue Lamp (T8/T5) 1
Marine Hybrid Lamp (T5/Compact) 1
Freshwater Lamp (T8/T5) 2
Original Tropical Lamp (T8/T5/Compact) 1
Plant Pro Lamp (T5/Compact) 2
UVC Ultra-Clear Lamp (T8/T5/Compact) 1
Bird Lamp (T8/Compact) 1

Why change my lamp?

The amount of light and the colour spectrum emitted from a lamp decreases with the age of the lamp, particularly in lamps which emit ultraviolet radiation, ie Arowana lamps, so it is important to remember to change your lamps at the end of their recommended optimum lighting hours.

These recommendations are required to keep all your tank inhabitants healthy, not only your plants.

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